We’ll Take Almost Anything – If It Will Help Kids

Did you know that you can donate more than just cars to Kars4Kids?  We accept all kinds of vehicle donations, including used boats, buses, trucks and motorcycles. Heck, send in your old lawnmower and we’ll find a use for it.

We’ve gotten all kinds of quirky donations. Back in 2010, a fine lady from Louisiana donated her electric golf cart, only a few years old. We sold it at auction for $450. Another generous Louisiana gentleman gave us his motor home, still in good condition. It sold at auction for over $3,000. A fellow from New York sent us his 2000 Yamaha jet ski, which we sold for $1,400. A New Jerseyan gave us his old lawn tractor.

Whatever form it takes, your donation helps fund the good work we do. Thank you to all our past, present and future donors for your generosity!

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