A few months back we sent out an email asking our amazing, stupendously wonderful donors to tell us how the process was and to submit a review.

The response was overwhelming as well as almost all positive (and we’re acting on the negative reviews as well so that next time it’s %100 positive).

At the time we offered a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card, and today we’ve picked a winner.

We are so excited to announce that Adeswara Rao Yasoda of Massachusetts was randomly selected as the winner of the sweepstakes.

In 2011 Yasoda donated the 1995 Toyota Camry you see below to help fund the educational initiatives of Kars4Kids. The beige coupe with 160000 miles on it was not in running conditions. When donating the vehicle Yasoda explained that one of the cars cylinders had broken and ruined the entire engine. Even so, the Camry was sold for $650, entitling him to a large tax deduction and providing much needed assistance to the children and families that are assisted by the Kars4Kids car donation program.


Adeswara’s review of the charity was positive and beautiful, and is presented here withoutediting; “I love the way you work, and passion for kids. Infact its awesome idea. My kudos to teamwork. This helps the needful kids.”

Heartfelt and touching.

We appreciate it, and we appreciate you Adeswara.

Thanks and congrats!



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