Two Hot Car Deaths Prevented This Week in Israel

child left behind in car

Kars4Kids has been in the forefront of fighting against hot car deaths here in the United States. But the U.S. isn’t the only country with spiraling hot car death statistics. Israel has also been battling the phenomenon. But on Tuesday, in a dramatic turn of (separate) events, two children were miraculously saved from what could have been a tragic and untimely end.

It was a hot summer day and a four-year-old girl had been left in the backseat of a car for two hours, forgotten by her parents. Thank goodness, one of the windows was open a crack. It was only that which saved the little girl. First responders treated the little girl at the scene and then transferred her to a nearby hospital. Police are investigating exactly what happened.

Magen David Adom paramedics issued a statement: “When we arrived, we saw the girl outside the vehicle sweating and hot to the touch. We were told that she was locked in the shuttle vehicle for about two hours and was found by a family member.”

A United Hatzalah paramedic added: “When we arrived at the girl’s place, she was already brought to her parents’ home and there we gave her first aid. She then received medical treatment at the hospital while she was suffering from fluid loss and suspected heatstroke.”

In the second Tuesday case of a near hot car death, a United Hatzalah volunteer received an alert about a toddler trapped in a car. He raced to the scene, and managed to break into the car and extricate the three-year-old boy, who was still fully conscious.

“It is a miracle that he wasn’t hurt,” said Tomer Greenzeid. “Had I not gotten there when I did this story could have ended far worse.”

According to Yeshiva World, which reported on the story, in Israel there are nearly 100 cases of children left behind in hot cars each month. Thank goodness, most are rescued by either first responders or vigilant passersby.



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