Thanksgiving 2020: What are You Thankful for?

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Our top ten things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving 2020. Even in a pandemic, we can find things for which we can honestly give our thanks.

Thanksgiving 2020 is vastly different than our collective Thanksgiving celebrations of the past. So many of us have lost loved ones to the pandemic, while some of are “long-haulers,” suffering the ill effects of COVID-19, at length. Then there is the isolation of working from home, lots of us with children to care for and educate. There’s quarantine, which isolates us yet further, and the separation from beloved family members and even newborn babies we haven’t been able to see or hold.

Still, Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for the blessings we do have, and surely there are many. Here is a list of our top ten things we are thankful for, here at Kars4Kids, and we invite you to add your own thanks, in the comments, below.

We are thankful for:

  1. Friends who call to make sure we’re okay
  2. Books and other forms of pleasure and escapism, that help us enter another world, and forget for a while
  3. The view from our window and if it’s not much, it reminds us there’s a world out there
  4. Beautiful trees, rolling hills, birds, and even squirrels
  5. Our dear pets, who give us unconditional love, when we’re feeling alone and need a hug
  6. Turkey with all the trimmings and pie for dessert, even when it’s only our nuclear family at the table
  7. Technology that allows us to touch base with family and helps our children to get an education
  8. Sunny skies and vivid sunsets that don’t seem to know there’s a pandemic going on
  9. Another day to draw breath, by the grace of God
  10. Hope for the future in the form of new treatments and vaccines in the works



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