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Is company culture important? At Kars4Kids, everyone is nice, and that tends to have a ripple effect, as it did with one FedEx delivery girl.

A word about company culture. Everyone at Kars4Kids is, well, nice. That’s what makes it a great place to work. But that niceness is not just about the people in the office. Niceness is the kind of thing that tends to have a ripple effect, having a positive impact on all who come in contact with the members of our team. The following story perfectly illustrates exactly how that works.

One day, on his way into the office, a Kars4Kids team member noted a young FedEx driver speaking to our receptionist, Mrs. Bennett, in an animated way. Curious, the team member mentioned it to someone else in the office, a Mrs. Miller, who filled him in on the details.

“Oh, she started working for FedEx not long ago. She was really very nervous being new on the job,” said Mrs. Miller. “But when she came into the building to deliver an envelope, Mrs. Bennett was so warm and kind it made a positive impression and really helped her acclimate to working in her new role.”

As time went on, the young FedEx driver moved on to a different route. That had been some months ago. But this morning, the FedEx driver was told she’d been reassigned. When she took a look at her new route, she was excited to discover she’d be back on the route that included the Kars4Kids office, once more.

The FedEx driver took off that morning, delivering packages and envelopes, hoping against hope that when she got to the office, Mrs. Bennett would be there. The driver hadn’t forgotten how kind the Kars4Kids office receptionist had been to her, back when she was new on the job. Arriving at the Kars4Kids office, she was ecstatic to see Mrs. Bennett and just had to share with her how much the earlier interactions had meant when she was just starting out.

It was that enthusiastic thank you that our team member had witnessed and mentioned to Mrs. Miller.

Kindness to a FedEx driver? We think it says something important. It doesn’t take all that much extra effort to reach out to people in our everyday interactions, to be kind and friendly. It’s just part of what makes Kars4Kids such a wonderful place to work, and a great place to donate your car!

We hope our donors feel that sense of kindness and interest when they interact with our customer service representatives. And we hope it sweetens the rest of their day. Because we think that company culture and being nice makes a difference in the world at large.

It’s something we believe in at Kars4Kids.



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