Making Mistakes: It’s All a Part of Growing

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Most bosses wouldn't see making mistakes as something beneficial in his employees. But in the Kars4Kids office culture, mistakes are a-okay.

Making mistakes in the workplace can have serious repercussions for the responsible employees. But not at Kars4Kids! In a recent memo to camp staff of TheZone, the summer camp we fund with our donation program, Kars4Kids Chairman Eli Mintz spoke of mistakes as something to look forward to, something that stimulates growth.

Those of us who work with Eli Mintz, know that he never rests on his laurels, but is always looking for ways to improve our already superlative, state-of-the-art summer camp. This explains the purpose of the memo, which began, “We have to discuss how we will make wakeup exciting & effective for both campers and staff. This is ALL part of programming 2.0.

Wakeup as Opportunity

“We are merely scratching the surface,” explained Mintz of how TheZone staff might better utilize the opportunities presented by the camp morning wakeup routine. His vision is to use wakeup to get campers revved up, and excited about the day ahead. At the same time, wakeup needs to be more efficient, with everyone fresh and ready to meet the day on time.

Our chairman ended the memo with a surprising statement. “Can’t wait to get this done—we will be even more of a powerful camp machine than we are now. Can’t wait to make some mistakes as well—it’s all part of growing!”

That couldn’t help but catch the staffers’ eyes. How often does the boss tell staff that it’s a good thing to make mistakes? Yet that’s exactly what happened.

Mistakes Make for Growth

Those of us who are lucky enough to work at Kars4Kids or serve children through our various programs, feel grateful that we have an encouraging employer—one who stimulates our minds and always makes us think outside the box. And one who takes our mistakes not only in stride, but as a catalyst for growth. That’s exactly the kind of office culture we want. It’s why we work here.

Making Mistakes



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