Tesla Offers Remote Battery Upgrade for Hurricane Florence Drivers

Tesla is offering to remotely upgrade the batteries of some drivers in the run up to Hurricane Florence, something that could not have been done with gas-driven traditional cars.

With Hurricane Florence on its way, drivers of electric cars may be worried about losing power. A dead battery means no way to outrun the storm. But according to Arstechnica’s Timothy B. Lee, if you drive a Tesla you could be getting a remote battery upgrade that should see you through.

Tesla customers who purchased the 60kWh-rated cars, may have received batteries with a 75kWh capability that can be upgraded remotely. It seems it improved Tesla’s manufacturing output to make just one type of battery pack, so that’s what the electric car giant did. Customers have the ability to pay extra to receive the upgrade.

At this juncture, the extra capacity battery packs mean that some Tesla drivers woke up to a message from their cars: “We are temporarily enabling your car to access additional battery capacity, as well as free Supercharging, in preparation for Hurrican[e] Florence.”

It’s very cool to contemplate how, if you drive an electric car, someone can do your hurricane preparations on your behalf from a remote location. This is something that could never have been done with more traditional old-school, gas-driven car models.

Talk about customer service.



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