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Kars for Kids Garage (Vintage)…

With cars coming in from all over the country, we post the most unique cars in our lot.
enjoy perusing through some vintage collectibles and some wacky finds. From 1940’s Fire Trucks to Dunkin Donuts mobile.. Enjoy

Will you donate a car or a drone this year?

Our world in which our children are being brought up in is a completely new world. Innovation and creativity is everywhere. Our goal is to enable today’s youth to maximize their potential.

Some Thoughts About Donating a Car

A Customer Service Rep Shares Some Experiences So many people that call me up at Kars4Kids to donate their vehicles aren’t just going through the

How the 877 Kars for Kids Jingle was created

There has been much speculation on exactly how the Kars4kids jingle came about. Some have speculated that  the kids of the organization themselves created the jingle. Here

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