Car Donation Made Easy – Part V of the Donation Process Series

Will Kars4Kids accept a car in any condition? Can Kars for Kids pick up from the side of the road? What about in my backyard? These are commonly asked questions which are clarified here.

Clarifying for Car Donors Frequently Asked Questions


Many are eager to know the answer to “how does a car donation work”. Behind that main and general question are others regarding more specific details. As potential car donors go through the donation process they have more and more questions. Each customer service representative is capable and responsible to answer each of those questions and clarify for the donor the entire process.

People call for all sorts of reasons to donate their car. They had this car for many years and now the repairs are just too costly to fix. It’s just not worth it for them. Many are car collectors and frequently have several old cars on their property at once. For many, the weekends provide a serene atmosphere for car lovers to tinker around various cars of different makes and models. After some time, these cars become less useful to their owners and can sit on their yard for a while. Some cars even sit in their backyards for years. Getting to these cars with a tow truck can be complicated. When the car owner decides that he wants to get rid of the car, Kars4Kids coordinates with the tower and the donor as to how to get hold of the car stuck in the backyard somewhere. Sometimes the car is just sitting in the garage for quite a number of years before the owners decide to get rid of it. The engine, the battery and everything else has died. The tires may need air. Removing the car from the garage is another obstacle to work out.

There are cases where someone was driving and suddenly broke down. This is actually quite a common occurrence. At times the car can be rolled or even started for just a brief few minutes to park it in a parking lot. At other times Kars4Kids will actually rush to pick it up from the side of the road. Our customer service reps coordinate the pick-up between all the different parties ensuring its successful delivery. We caution the donors to make sure to remove their valuables from the car.

During the snowy seasons, old cars which may even be sitting in the driveway or even a running car parked in the driveway or street can be blocked by snow. The common denominator in all of these cases is that Kars4Kids will coordinate together with both the tower and donor as to how to handle each specific case.

Many will wonder – will Kars4Kids really take a car which is really old, and basically useless to me? Kars for Kids will pick up basically any vehicle regardless of condition. If the car does not run anymore is no issue at all. Many donors are told that their junk is actually the charity’s treasure. This treasure is ultimately a treasure for the kids who are able to succeed through the various after-school programs, literacy enhancement groups and social skill building.

There will be more posts addressing other questions that potential car donors may have. Stay tuned to be well informed.

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  1. Wow, it’s awesome that you guys make it so easy! I know a lot of people avoid donating and doing charity work by saying that it’s just too complicated. But it looks like you make it really easy for anyone to do their part!

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