Our Small Grant Program: Helping Kids in Many Spheres

An update on our newest small grant recipients from April through mid-May 2019, with links to some fascinating interviews!
photos of kids from 7 kars4kids small grant recipients
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We’ve been busy as a bee interviewing our recent small grant recipients. Since our last update, in March, we’ve put up 7 more interviews on our small grants website. The interviews serve as an additional platform for our small grant recipients to tell the world about their work.

Curious to learn more about who we’ve been helping? Check out the following interviews:

Lawrence Hall Ensures the Well-Being of Chicago Area Foster Children

Children’s Museum of Tacoma: A Place to Honor Children and Champion Play

Children’s Literacy Center (CLC): Increasing Literacy, Improving Self-Esteem

Elite Learners, Inc.: Providing Kids with the Services They Need to Live Amazing Lives

Baltimore Urban Debate League (BUDL): First Time an Adult Listened to Us and Didn’t Interrupt

City Year Philadelphia is Fighting the Dropout Rate with an Army of AmeriCorps Volunteers

Phillips County Family Education Services: We want to do our best to meet the needs of our entire community

Get a glimpse of the beautiful faces of the children helped by these organizations in the image accompanying this piece. We made a collage so you could get a feel for the amazing work we’ve helped to support with our small grant program. (How could we say no to these awesome kids??)

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