Our Partnerships in Safety and Bully Prevention

National SAVE

Kids shouldn’t have to fight to be safe. Safety should be a given. That’s why we’ve lent our hand to several nonprofits ensuring our children’s safety. We’ve given small grants to charities such as Opportunity Neighborhood, National Save, and the National Safe Place Network for just this purpose.

Opportunity Neighborhood operates in affordable housing units in North Minnesota, giving a feeling of community to the residents. This makes them care more about the neighborhood, contribute more, and be upstanding citizens. Opportunity Neighborhood believes that being courteous to the residents ensures that the residents will respond positively to initiatives taken on their behalf. It seems to be working well!

Black children from affordable housing units in North Minnesota
Black children from affordable housing units in North Minnesota have after school activities thanks to Opportunity Neighborhood

National Save prevents bullying in the schools, by training kids to be emissaries to ensure that bullies and bullying are never tolerated. One of the things National Save tries to do is to set off chain reactions of kindness through acts of, well, kindness. National Save is about prevention, rather than intervention and we like their style!

Young Latina
Sophia relied on the National Safe Place Network for support

The National Safe Place Network makes sure that kids in crisis have an address: a phone number to call, a place to go to, that offers them safe harbor without pressuring them to do anything they don’t want to do. This ensures that runaways, for instance, won’t be afraid to call, for fear they’ll be turned in to their parents or the police.  The National Safe Place Network gets that teens are in turmoil, and offers unconditional support to get them feeling more calm and able to cope. NSPN also understands that the streets are dangerous and that teens don’t always use superior judgment. Parents can feel good that NSPN is there to help out teens in crisis, wherever they are, and no matter what their troubles.



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