Mom Donates Car Out of Gratitude After Son Survives Accident

One mother paid it forward by donating her car to Kars4Kids, after her son survived the car accident that damaged the car's front end.
2013 Mercedes-Benz donation with smashed front end
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Car donation is all about doing good, no matter why you’re doing it. But when one mom donated her 2013 Mercedes-Benz, the deed was especially inspiring. She donated the car out of gratitude that her teenage son survived the smashup that messed the car’s front end.

Mom could have kept the car. Sure, it looked a mess. But the Mercedes was a great car that still had get up and go. It just needed some tender loving repair work to be up and running, almost as good as new.

closeup of damage to front end of 2013 white Mercedes

That might have worked for another family, another mom. But this mom had a need to say thank you, to show her gratitude that her son survived, and to pay the kindness forward.

This was a mom who’d received the phone call we all dread, the call that makes your heart pound: the one that says a child has been in an accident. Who wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief to know their son survived? Who wouldn’t want to acknowledge the gift of a child’s survival in the face of danger?

2013 white Mercedes

Not this mother, for sure. There was no way she was going to ignore the miracle. She knew she was called upon to meet this good with more good: to do a good deed in return. And since the miracle was all about surviving a nasty car accident, the car would be her vehicle for giving back.

This particular Mercedes is a car that is likely to sell for over $6,000. That’s a lot of money that will be spent to educate and mentor children. We see this donation as one that shines particularly bright, by showing all of us, clear as day, that everything happens for a reason.

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