Even though Rivky has only been working at Kars4Kids for three weeks, she is already an integral part of the Kars4Kids team. As a creative marketer, Rivky’s endless energy and constant generation of new and exciting ideas, keeps the marketing department new fresh with some great new projects already underway. We interviewed Rivky so we could get to know how she does it all!

Q: When did you start working for Kars4Kids?

A: only three weeks ago! but it already feels like I’ve been here much longer…I fit right into the team!

Q: What is your title?

A: I’m one of the creative marketers. I have to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas to market Kars4Kids, which is what I love about the job.

Q: Being such a new employee, how do you like working at Kars4Kids so far?

A: The work atmosphere is very friendly, there is great comradery among the entire staff, and everyone really seems to want to help you. In other words, there is great collaboration and team work going on, on a daily basis.

Q: Anything different than your previous marketing jobs?

A: For sure. Everything that I do here, I really feel like I am working towards a goal. Towards helping the children and families in our network. This isn’t just a job. It is all for a greater cause, which I always have in the back of my mind.

Q: How do you come up with ideas for the marketing department? Any sort of process?

A: It is all just brainstorming. I get together with the team, and we bounce ideas off one another until one sticks and we move forward with it. Sometimes this takes a while and sometimes not. We also like to keep the meetings fun and full of energy to get our creative juices flowing!

Thanks for the interview Rivky! We are so happy to have you on the team!




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