Meet Chaya, an operations specialist at Kars4Kids. Part of the Kars4Kids Meet the Team series.

Hi Chaya! What is your positon here at Kars4Kids, and what is your background?

Hi! I work in the operations department, after starting out as a customer service rep nine years ago. I have a background in graphic design, but after ending up where I am now in operations, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Wow, 9 years is a long time! You must really love it here.

I can certainly say that I do. I encounter something new every day which keeps the job fun.

So what does operations do exactly?

Our team has our hands in a little of everything. We assign towers to pick up the donations, are in contact with the auction houses, and work on titles and other paperwork among other things.

Having been in both customer service and operations, which do you like better?

Without a doubt, I love being in operations. It is such a diverse job, it keeps you on your toes, and you are constantly dealing with so many different people and situations. Without having to constantly man the phones, like in customer service, I have the flexibility necessary to get my job done.

What unique abilities do you bring to the operations department and to Kars4Kids?

I am a real people person. With my job in operations, I am always talking to someone new every day, which I love. Talking with others and handling different situations that may come up is fun and exciting for me. I think this holds true for Kars4Kids as well. No matter the department you are in, you do have to not only be a people person, but be passionate about what you do here. And I can definitely say that I am!

Thanks Chaya, for the interview. We loved getting to know you better!





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