Kruise is Here, Come Grab a Chocolate

Kars4Kids Kruise launch announcement

Kruise, an online portal created especially for Kars4Kids Car Donations is something we felt worthy of celebration. That’s why Kars4Kids employees found a little surprise in the mail on Monday, an adorable package, modest in size, put together by Tova Cohen of Kars4Kids Marketing. The package contained 2 chocolate bars plus a multi-charger adorned with the Kars4Kids logo.

Not everyone will get to use Kruise. As Kars4Kids has grown, so too the number of employees and work teams. Only some teams will be using Kruise for work tasks. Still, switching over to Kruise was such a big deal that all Kars4Kids employees, whether or not they will be using Kruise, received a package. We wanted them to share in the celebration, too.

The fact that chocolate was involved stems from a longstanding Kars4Kids custom. When a new employee joins the Kars4Kids family, an announcement goes out:

Please welcome _________ as our new ____________


We wish them much success in their new role.


For those in the office, please enjoy the chocolate when you stop by their desk upstairs to say “hi!” For those out of the office please send a warm welcome.  

Why Chocolate?

Management, of course, has thoughtfully outfitted the new hire’s desk with chocolate for all. We figure that a new beginning—and joining our Kars4Kids family—should be sweet for the entire staff. Chocolate, by creating an association between a new beginning and something sweet, starts things off right.

Just as we welcome new employees, we are celebrating Kruise as an important addition to our family. Kruise will make our operations run smoother, faster, and more efficiently, enabling us to better serve our donors. And this brings us to the other item in the gift pack, the multi-charger, complete with Kars4Kids logo. It’s pretty cool; you just plug in the USB and then use any of the chargers to power up your devices.

Kars4Kids Kruise launch multi-charger

Becky Kohl, the capable Kars4Kids manager responsible for the rollout, explained that it is hoped the multi-charger will help make the lives of our staff run a little smoother, faster, and more efficiently so we can be at our best at work to give our donors the best service possible. Because that’s what gives us a charge!

Some Kruise FAQs

We were excited as the launch date for this new Kars4Kids innovation approached. Now Kruise is finally here, and it’s better than we could have ever imagined! Some answers to questions about Kruise, our latest addition to the Kars4Kids family:

Who will use Kruise?

Two Kars4Kids teams will be using Kruise, beginning with the Inbound Sales team. Operations will be joining at a later date, as well.

What is the purpose of Kruise?

With Kruise we are aiming for a bigger and better Kars4Kids. The user-friendly portal will put car donations on “kruise control.”

When will the transition take place?

Programming is working at full speed. We already have a few beta testers and will hopefully launch fully in the next few weeks!



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