Kars4kids gives Ford Taurus to Single Mom

This Past Friday, Kars4kids donated a car to Melissa Berman a single Mom whose car had been stolen and vandalized earlier that week. Kars4kids first learned about the situation from a story that ran in the Oakland Press January 11th.

Kars4Kids funds programming for children and doesn’t typically give out cars, but we were very moved by The Oakland Press’s story on Melissa Berman, so we decided to step up to the plate,” said Clifford Meth, vice president of communications for the organization, in a statement.

Kars4kids quickly identified a suitable car for Melissa and paid Miles auto to work overtime to get it fixed for her.

Melissa was very grateful. “I’m so incredibly grateful to Kars4Kids being able to donate this car,” she said. “There’s now way I was going to be able to save enough … money to go and get something on my own. If it wasn’t for Kars4Kids giving this fantastic car to me, it would’ve been a long time.”

“I’m very blessed to have something so bad happen to me and have something so good come from it,” Berman said.



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