Kars4Kids Donates 125K Respiratory Masks to Habitat for Humanity

Newly arrived cases of respiratory masks

By now, you know us: we’re all about the kids. And a lot of the time, helping the kids means helping the parents. One organization that helps parents help their children to have a better life is Habitat for Humanity. Which is why Kars4Kids donated 125,000 respiratory masks to Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton-Princeton.

Habitat for Humanity works to provide families in need with decent, affordable housing. In order to qualify for a home, the families must put in 250 to 400 hours of sweat equity building theirs and others’ homes. They have to show they aren’t just taking a free ride, that they’re responsible, hard-working folk. Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton-Princeton has built more than 140 homes over the past three decades.

So how does this help kids?

For one thing, owning a home gives a family stability, lowers the high school dropout risk for the children, and allows family members to develop a stronger family bond.

Want more?

  • Children of homeowners score 9% higher in reading and 7% higher in math on achievement tests, compared to children of renters.
  • Children of homeowners, by age 20, were half as likely to be unemployed and relying on welfare.
  • By age 20, children of homeowners were half as likely to be idle and rely on welfare as an adult.

Yup. We definitely saw our contribution, which will be used to protect the airways of those working hard to build homes, as a way of helping children. Lots of children. They’ll have homes. They’ll do better in school. They’ll grow up and contribute to the workforce.

Way to break the cycle of poverty!



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  1. How iimpressive that Kars4Kids looks to the future, helping provide homes for the future leaders and responsible community memebers.

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