Kars4Kids Distributes Free Coats to Newark’s Needy

Kars4Kids, the national car donation charity, will be in Newark, NJ, all day on Tuesday, December 21 (snow date: December 23) giving out brand new coats to
Newark’s needy.
“December 21 is the first day of Winter and it’s already getting pretty cold,” said Clifford Meth, spokesman for Kars4Kids. “Kars4Kids is delighted to have the opportunity to make this holiday season a little warmer for folks who are down on their luck. We have plenty of brand new winter coats for any Newark resident who
needs one and we’re looking forward to helping lots of people.”
The Kars4Kids team will be stopping at the following locations to hand out free winter coats:
* 12:00-1:00 Newark Emergency Services for Families, 982 Broad Street, Newark
* 1:30-2:30 Covenant House, 330 Washington Street, Newark
* 3:00-4:00 Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium, 450 Broad Street, Newark
At the Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium, the Kars4Kids team will be assisted by the Newark Bears’ staff and
the Bears’ mascot Ruppert (and perhaps a few more guests!).
“We’re coordinating with local law-enforcement agencies for crowd control and traffic management,” said
Meth. “We’ve been told to expect a huge turnout.”
Kars4Kids offers educational programming and financial assistance to children and their families.

To donate a car go to http://www.Kars4kids.org.



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  1. I thank you so much time is very for me I was trying to reach out to the Mayor of Newark and he is not responding to me.This year is not good for me cause my son has done so good in school and I can’t Bless him.And my 5yrs old is look for gifts under the tree and there is nothing that I can do and it’s hurting me heart I can’t Bless my twins they are 18yrs and college doing good and can’t Bless them my heart hurts and no one knows how I’m hurting inside thanks for letting me know about the coats will be there.

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