Kars4Kids Clothes Distribution For Hurricane Sandy Victims

A quick read through the news will tell you that many in New York and in Staten Island in particular feel that the government and many large charities have really let them down since Hurricane Sandy.

That’s why we were so happy to be able to do our small part yesterday as we partnered with over 20 local charities and organizations to distribute a wide variety of clothing and other goods.

Over 1000 children’s coats were at the event as well as pants, shirts, suits, shoes, toys and even portable cribs!

For the thousands lined up for the event in Congressman Michael Grimm’s headquarters, there was a carnival like feel in the air. Kids carried Kars4Kids balloons in the large tent setup to protect everyone from the suddenly cold weather.


Smiles abounded and people were surprised at the high quality goods that were abundantly available for everyone that registered with their FEMA cards._MG_3652

Not only clothes were being distributed, this lucky guy got a great game to bring home!


All in all, it was an amazing day of charity, hope, and fun!




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