Evening the Odds for Low Income Children

Asian child learning out of doors

The vast majority of Kars4Kids small grants go to organizations that, one way or another, help children from low-income families. That’s because these children are born disadvantaged. Helping them get an education, and giving them the things that other children have can break the cycle of poverty and ensure these children will grow up to be productive members of society with meaningful jobs.

We wish we could help every child on earth receive his or her rightful portion, the important things a person earns just by being born. At Kars4Kids, we see those basics as including love, education, healthcare, plentiful clean water, and healthy food to eat. And yes, many children are not getting even those basic things that should be theirs by birthright.

Here are some of our small grantees (names of organizations linked to articles about them) that are helping to balance things out for kids who weren’t born to the lives they deserve:

Stamford Public Education Foundation

Yours Humanly

Educators of America

Prince William Public Library System

Mission Graduates

Our Piece of the Pie

Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services

LDA St. Louis


Kids Cooking for Life


Positive Impact for Kids

Rainbow Pack

Seattle Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO)

So What Else

Third Street Community Center (TSCC)


The Reading Connection

Companies to Classrooms

At Kars4Kids, we believe that every child deserves a chance to live a normal life. Please help support us in supporting them! Our small grants are making a difference.



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  1. I’m sorry but most of the kids you think you are helping come from parent(s) that do nothing themselves for their kids. They don’t want to work because it’s easier to live on welfare and food stamps and help from other groups like yours. As a single parent, I worked and yes, sometimes my kids went without some extra things but grew up with a parent that gave them her time, taught them right from wrong, taught them respect, was involved with their school, and other activities. I always knew where my kids were and who they were with. We did it without “help” from others. All three of my kids are very productive citizens. So maybe “giving” to the parent(s), ie parenting classes, how to get a job, how to be involved with your kids, would be better than “giving” to the kids. Just saying!

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