Elderly Texans Sleep in their Cars to Stay Warm During the Storm

elder sleeps in car
Senior residents of the Winter Haven Resort in Brownsville Texas are without power and sleeping in their cars to get out of the cold.

Texas is having some serious weather right now, with snow storms and icy conditions, leaving many Texans, including the elderly, without power. Senior residents of the Winter Haven Resort have taken to sleeping in their cars, in order to prevent hypothermia, which is especially dangerous to older people. This shouldn’t be happening. The Winter Haven Resort, in Brownsville, Texas, is a five-star gated community tucked into stately palm trees and laced with Resaca waterways.

Residents of this luxe community for the 55+ crowd, have been without electricity for several days. Nights are especially cold, so not knowing what else to do, they pile into their cars to stay warm. It really is a life and death situation for this aging population, and they are calling on the local authorities to come up with a better solution.

One resident of the Winter Haven Resort, Steve Scott, said he fears the worst. “I really believe that when this is all over with, that they are going to be finding people in their mobiles down here that froze to death. I do.”

Scott said that after more than two days without power, the cold has turned into an unending winter nightmare, affecting the bedridden, those using oxygen machines, and those on dialysis. Local officials say that with the exception of the larger hospitals, circuit breakers cannot be guaranteed to function as they should. Seniors, meanwhile, will continue to sleep in their cars, and no one knows just how long the power-out will last.



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