Scoharie County, Upstate New York, stretch limousine

By now you’ve surely read about the deadly car crash that took 20 lives. It was the deadliest U.S. road accident in 9 years. No doubt the story made you shake your head in commiseration, and may have even caused a little shocked intake of breath.

Multiple members of the same families died while celebrating something happy: a birthday. Four sisters, two brothers, husbands and wives dying together in the same crash. Horrific. But at Kars4Kids, the event felt somehow closer to home, being as the crash occurred in Upstate New York, in the town of Scoharie, in Scoharie County.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that the proceeds from car donations to our organization, help to fun two summer camps in Upstate New York. One of those camps is in Scoharie County, in the town of Gilboa. That would be the Girls Division of TheZone.

Most of us who work at Kars4Kids have been out to this beautiful part of the country to visit the camp. And so we’ve traveled the roads, shopped in the little country stores, and noted the quaint homes and gardens of Scoharie County. We’ve chatted with people from the area, some of whom are employed at the camp as groundskeepers and maintenance staff. That made the luxury limo car crash somehow more real, more painful, because it affects a town we know, people we know.

It’s shown us how even a tragedy can make the world feel a little smaller, make people feel a certain connectedness. As such, we send our sympathies to the families and to the townspeople of Scoharie. Know that those of us at Kars4Kids are holding you close in our hearts.



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