Car Seats Must Be Rear Facing Says New York State Law

mother taking infant out of rear facing car seat

Do you like to be able to look back and see baby in her car seat, to make sure she’s okay as you drive? If you live in New York, you might have a problem going forward (no pun intended). A new law came into effect in November, calling for all children up to the age of two to have car seats facing the rear of the car, only. State officials say that New York must ensure that children are safe should there be a car crash or a sudden stop.

Parents are advised to give used car seats a miss, as these may not meet current standards and may have defective or missing parts. Drivers should watch for local car seat fitting events where they can get help installing car seats, and also learn how to properly restrain infants and children in the seats for safest traveling. Experts at these events can also look over your car seat to make sure it is safe for use.



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