TASL: Get Cookies and Burgers for Staying Off the Phone? I’m In

Nate Wagner left, and Ryan Frankel, right, of This App Saves Lives (TASL)
This App Saves Lives (TASL), soon to be launched, offers a rewards system for staying off the phone while driving.

Ryan Frankel, founder of This App Saves Lives (TASL) was driving his bike when a distracted driver ran a red light and hit him full on. Frankel sustained multiple fractures, but the driver just kept on going. Frankel believes the driver may not even have been aware of what he had done. He was probably on his phone, a major cause of distracted driving.

But try to get someone not to use the phone while driving! You might as well walk on the moon. Which is why Ryan, in conjunction with Nate Wagner, an educator, developed TASL, a rewards system whereby drivers can score points toward prizes every time they drive, just by not using their phones. The app calculates the amount of time you keep your eyes on the road, and not on your phone. Then you can redeem points toward rewards like six free cookies from your favorite bakery (sweet!).

TASL is not yet operational as of this writing, though you can sign up for the waitlist. But here at Kars4Kids, we’re glad to read about any development that fights distracted driving—anything that may stop drivers, and in particular teens, from texting or using their phones while driving. We wish Ryan and Nate lots of luck and hope the new app will fulfill its name and save lives.



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