Car Donation Still Possible for 2012 – Press Release

Car donation is one of the best ways to cut a tax bill, and Kars 4 Kids is ensuring that donors can get theirs in before the end of 2012


Kars 4 Kids, a car donation charity specializing in car donation nationwide, has announced that they are fully staffed to accept last minute car donations until the last hours of 2012. Donors who call (877) KARS-4-KIDS to donate or fill out the online form at on the Kars 4 Kids website before January 1st can file a tax deduction for the 2012 tax year even if their car is not picked up until 2013.

Though people may assume that they missed their last chanceat car donation because of the weekend and holiday hours, the organization has confirmed that this is not the case.

“Our offices will be open 24 hours a day for the last week of the year in order to accommodate our donors and be available for their car donation needs,” says spokesman Steven Weldler.

Car donation is a quick and easy process. Donors simply fill out an online form or call (877) KARS-4-KIDS to speak with a friendly representative. Kars 4 Kids is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so donors receive a fully tax-deductible receipt for their car donation. In addition, the charity offers a vacation voucher as an additional expression of thanks to its donors.

With a network of towers throughout the country and an experienced team of in-house title experts, Kars 4 Kids makes the car donation process a pleasure instead of a hassle. All car donations are processed by the charity directly, avoiding the hefty middleman fees that so many other companies have to pay. In this way, they maximizes the value of each donation, ensuring that the proceeds are used for charity, not overhead.

The company’s website, answers donors’ most frequently asked questions about the car donation process and filing for a tax deduction. Visit or call (877)KARS-4-KIDS to start the donation process.



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