Worried husband by bedside of ailing unconscious wife with nasal canula
Some car donations are easier than others. And some may even involve the saving of a life!

Here at Kars4Kids, we try make it as pleasant as possible for you to part with your car. We try to eliminate all the red tape, keeping things to a brief form to fill out and a phone call. But we were sad to hear of a private donation process having not a thing to do with Kars4Kids, that required not just donating vehicles, but an organ, as well.

It was Verlon Robinson’s choice, of course, his own free will, that made him volunteer to give away a pickup truck, a trailer, and a kidney, in exchange for a piece of a healthy liver to save his ailing wife:

Doctors diagnosed Marie Robinson, 61, with cirrhosis of the liver around three years ago. She is currently one of 18,000 people on an organ transplant waiting list, Fox affiliate KMPH.com reported.

Worried that she won’t get a donor in time, her husband Verlon Robinson, 55, has offered up his 2004 Dodge pickup truck, a tent trailer and one of his “good kidneys” to anyone who could help his sick wife.

“We have been married for 25 years and it breaks my heart when I think about losing her,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “I would do anything to trade places with her but as you know that’s impossible. So please if you are O positive or negative blood type and would consider giving her some of your liver we have insurance that would cover all surgeries. Ps. I have good kidneys and I would throw in one,” he said.

We wish the Robinsons well, and really hope he finds that liver for his wife!



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