Another School Year Off to a Successful Start

With back to school season recently under way, Kars4Kids has been very busy preparing for what will be another successful school year for all our kids. While we were sad to say goodbye to all our campers at TheZone at the end of the summer, we were excited to give all the kids in our network the necessary tools to kick off their new school year, with our backpack giveaways, small grant partnerships, and driver awareness campaign.


With our recent backpack giveaway, Kars4Kids was able to assist over a thousand children with one of the most essential school supplies. The Camp Curtin community in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the community in Sussex County, Virginia, the children in the Bronx, New York, who were attendees of a back to school event held by NY state senator Gustavo Rivera, along with the kids from the Eastchester Family Day event in the Bronx, were all proud recipients of an eye catching Kars4Kids backpack. The backpacks and school supplies not only readied but excited the kids for the coming school year.

Harrisburg back to school event
Back to School event in the Bronx
Eastchester Family Day event



Kars4Kids small grant program allows us to align ourselves with other similar nonprofits, contributing to today’s youth through a wider net of resources. Project Rousseau is one such organization we are proud to partner with. With a strong focus on mentoring, Project Rousseau provides academic, community service, study skills, and enrichment programs with a strong focus on education and preparing for college.

Bcauseican is another organization which we are proud to partner with. In the Washington D.C. area, Bcuaseican focus on computer literacy skills, health and wellness programs, while providing school supplies, books, meals, and much more to the local children. You can learn more about them with our recent interview, here.


Drive Human, our recent safe driving campaign, focused on raising awareness of individual driving habits, through state driving data, quizzes, and in depth research. The campaign brought nation wide awareness and lots of press coverage, making it a huge success. Now, with everyone more aware of how they drive and treat others on the road, the roads are significantly safer for our children just in time for the new school year.







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