6 crazy things you never dreamed you could recycle (or reuse)

Cpap machine

As a car donation program, recycling and the environment in general are topics that interest greatly. We’ve put together this list of other items that can be recycled or reused.

1. Dentures Dentures on an apple

This innovative program removes the metal from the dentures which it uses to help support UNICEF. What will they think of next?


2. CPAP Machine

Cpap machine

SecondWindCPAP is a non-profit organization which buys, tests, cleans and resells used machines.In addition, it provides free machines to those in need through a partnership with the American Sleep Apnea Association. Help someone with sleep apnea breathe, and keep our air clean at the same time!


3. Sneakers

Pile of sneakers
Photo credit: http://theshoegame.com

Who doesn’t have old sneakers somewhere around their house? Nike’s innovative recycling program is a wonderful way to reuse and recycle them. Check out the site to locate a drop off center near you.


4. Reuse a dumpster

Blue dumpster

Cool list of great ideas on how to reuse your dumpster! It’s amazing the ways you can save the environment if you really put your mind to it.


5. Soap Bars of soap 

Soap? Yup, soap! This wonderful non-profit collects used soap from hotels and distributes the recycled soap to impoverished countries worldwide. You can donate or find a list of participating hotels on their site.


6. TiVo DVR 

You can recycle your old TiVo DVR! TiVo has a convenient page on their website that will help you locate an electronics recycling center near you.




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