Leno, Koppel Take on DC Rush Hour in a Model T Ford

Jay Leno and Ted Koppel in 1909 Model T Ford

Jay Leno took Ted Koppel for a spin in his 1909 Model T Ford during rush hour traffic in Washington, DC, for a CBS news feature. Leno regaled Koppel with tales of the olden days: mile high piles of horse manure in the streets, horses dropping dead of the heat in mid-August, and other assorted trivia. Naturally, Leno took the time to comment on politics, and of course, to say a friendly hello to pedestrians and other drivers, alike, even, on occasion, honking his horn.

Imagine the thrill he gave people, seeing him so famous, riding in that utterly incongruent conveyance. But then, everyone loves an antique, be it a car, or just a venerable comedian like Jay Leno, who managed to keep the ratings high for many long years. It was fun to watch this, and we hope Leno takes his other amazing cars out for a spin sometime soon.



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