Kars for Kids Saturn ION

Kars for Kids intiative

Kars4Kids donated two cars this week to Nassau BOCES,  an organization that services the 56 school districts of Nassau County, Long Island.

The cars were donated as part of the new Kars for Kids program which aims to give young adults life skills to better prepare them for today’s workforce by giving donated cars to engineering and automotive technology programs at career and technical education schools across the United States.

“We are happy to kick off our Kars for Kids program with Nassau BOCES and contribute educational resources by providing their students with our cars,” said Kars4Kids COO Avi Gordon. “Career and technical learning programs are essential to advancing student education at trade schools and preparing them for real-world professions. A key mission of Kars4Kids is to educate our youth and we look forward to assisting more schools nationwide with cars for educational purposes.”

The cars are a 1998 Saab 900 and a 2005 Saturn ION.

Kars for Kids Saturn ION

More pictures of the Ion can be seen on the the Kars for Kids post  on the Kars4Kids Garage.



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