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Kids these days are spending way too much time indoors. There are just too many electronic distractions: video games, social media, television, to name a few. It’s actually possible for children to spend an entire day in their room and not be bored for a minute.

The classic conundrum of “What to do on a rainy day?” is a relic of the past, as is the once-common dread of the order,kids playing basketball “Go to your room!” Staying in is much too much fun!

Of course, this is not great news. Playing outdoors is vital for children’s development and overall health. It contributes to imaginative stimulation, strength development, social development, and stress reduction. Even vitamin D is mainly acquired from sunlight.

While we cannot dream of singlehandedly solving this problem and competing with all these indoor entertainments, we at Kars4Kids are trying to level the playing field a bit, so to speak.

So we’re luring kids outside with attractive bait – basketballs! By putting basketballs in kids’ hands throughout the country, we’re hoping that this will entice them to leave their rooms and step out.

Once outside, all they need to do is find a court and a hoop, and they’re ready to go! They’ll discover that there’s an entire world outdoors that they can run in, play in, and go wherever their imagination leads them. For all we know, the only basketball games that they’ve been playing until now were computer simulations!

So, if you know of any kids that never seem to see the light of day, go to our website,, and claim your free basketball.

We’re not providing the court, though. With all the kids indoors, we think that there are plenty available!



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  1. I would love to get my five kids a free basketball, they are indoors way to much for a child. They need to be kids and go outdoors and play. I don’t know how you request a basketball but if someone would point me in that direction I’d like that. God bless what y’all do for kids. And keep up the awesome work.

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