Aston Martin DB5 Junior: An Honest-to-Goodness Car for Kids

aston martin db5 junior

Aston Martin has just launched two new cars for kids in tandem with The Little Car Company. Named DB5 Junior and DB5 Vantage Junior, the cars are similar in design to the Aston Martin DB5, often referred to as the most famous car in the world. The kid-sized cars have all the bells and whistles that put the Aston Martin in a luxury car class of its own.

Same as the Original

The new DB5 Junior has the same wings, shield, and DB5 badges as the first 1963 model. The dashboard has fully functional Smiths instruments, updated to suit our modern era. Instead of a fuel gauge, there’s a battery meter, and substituting for the oil temperature monitor is a motor temperature gauge. Just like the original 1960s car, there’s a Smiths clock facing the front passenger seat.

In case you were wondering, the junior sports car is the same color as the iconic 1960s original, the exterior in Silver Birch with a black leather interior and carpet set. And like their parents, kids always have stuff to schlep, which is why there’s a trunk at the rear for storage.

Room for an Adult, Too

​The car, at 9’10” long and 3’7” wide, is large enough for an adult to accompany a child, sitting side by side. There’s an aluminum honeycomb chassis, by the way. And the whole thing weighs not quite 600 pounds. Not bad for a gorgeous state-of-the-art piece of machinery.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior - car for kids

It’s Fast

In addition to all the features, the car is fast, too, and can reach a speed of up to 30mph. But no worries. The car comes with various driving modes. The Novice mode reaches just 12mph at top speed, and there’s a kill switch that allows the car to be disabled remotely. There’s an Expert mode, and a Race mode, too. The Vantage model of the race car also includes a “missile” switch that further increases the car’s speed.

Automatic Membership in Exclusive Club

Like every other owner of an Aston Martin, every DB5 Junior car owner will receive full automatic membership in the exclusive Aston Martin Owners Club. But that’s not all: every car purchase also comes with a complimentary membership in The Little Car Club allowing drivers to take part in special events where participants can drive their DB5 Juniors on the most prestigious racetracks around.



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