As you recall, dear readers, we had an exciting contest this week. Who can come up with the best ideas for the blog?

We said we’re opening the blog to you, our readers, and we’re going to keep our word!

To be honest, when we read the responses we were very impressed! So many great ideas! But, there can only be one winning idea. So the idea that won, the idea that will get the gift card is:

An epic poem!!!!!

You asked for it, you got it! An epic poem about a car.

This is the first chapter. Read, enjoy, and give us your feedback. If we get enough positive responses, we’ll continue!

As always, you can leave a comment or email us.



King Hrothgar great and strong sits in his hall

Surrounded by companions both big and small

Drinking all night till wee hours of morn

Little knowing that outside lurks the demon spawn


Music and feasting for the brave and the strong

But for some soon they will sing their last song

In smashes his way that weird wicked thing!

Stopped in mid-note the song just begun to sing

The vile Grendel so evil and foul

Warriors drop dead just from his howl!

The bloody carnage is terrible to behold!

Grendel having a snack

The once-warm bright hall has turned dark and cold

Yes! Things look quite black for Hrothgar’s star

But the very worst thing? Grendel’s stolen his car!

Weeping and wailing for all his lost things

He knows he must call that great friend of kings

The brave good Carwulf will come to his aid

Just as long as he knows that he’s gonna get paid

With trembling fingers Hrothgar picks up the phone

Praying and hoping that Carwulf is home

What good fortune and luck for our good king!

Carwulf picks up on the very first ring!

Weeping and groaning and shedding a tear

His voice is so quiet one can barely hear

My car! Hrothgar sobs and can say no more

Because it’s not just a car that you buy in the store

mclaren f1 lm
A beautiful McLaren like the one King Hrothgar had

McLaren F1 LM and they only made five

Carwulf must get Grendel – dead or alive!

End of first chapter



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