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kars for kids real estate

First Car Donations, Now Real Estate

Kars for Kids has become synonymous with car donations. Donating a parcel of land is less known especially in association with Kars for Kids. This is a new way of donating to charity & here is a way to understand the donation process.

Girls in TheZone

Kars for Kids Programs – TheZone Camp

Kars for Kids is a charity that funds many education and recreational programs throughout the year. TheZone is a campus that serves as a center for many educational programs and a summer camp.

Kars4kids Free Coat Giveaway

Kars4Kids gave away thousands of free coats to needy residents of Newark on Tuesday December 21st, the first day of winter. Kars4kids was joined by

How the 877 Kars for Kids Jingle was created

There has been much speculation on exactly how the Kars4kids jingle came about. Some have speculated that  the kids of the organization themselves created the jingle. Here

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