Summer Road Trips: Make a Good BET

An easy acronym makes your summer road trips a good BET (battery, engine, tire checks!).
Battery test

Summer’s coming and that means road trips. Naturally, that means preparing your car for the safest possible ride. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car.  Meanwhile, AAA predicts a 2 percent increase in breakdowns this summer compared to last year.

Want to reduce the risk? AAA suggests that drives make a good “BET” before taking off. BET stands for battery, engine, and tire check. These are the three top issues your car is likely to experience. So by checking these parts of your car, you’re ensuring you’ll have a safe, aggravation-free trip.

It’s an acronym we can all remember. So, before you get in your car this summer, make a good BET and test your battery, engine, and tires. That’s the kind of bet you should feel free to make this summer. Because why bet on luck, when you can be sure?

Safe travels, everyone!

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