Kars4Kids Employee Discovers Grandfather’s Crowdfunding Effort for Grant Recipient Camp Courant

Camp Courant newspaper item from 1932

Ari Finkelstein, a digital marketer and member of the Kars4Kids marketing team, figured out how to run a search in old newspapers and decided to look up his grandfather. That’s when the most amazing thing happened: Ari discovered that his grandfather, Sidney Finkelstein, along with 8 other children, had donated $2.26, the proceeds of a lemonade stand and a movie showing, to Camp Courant in the summer of 1932, the year they all attended the camp. The thing is, Kars4Kids just gave a small grant to this very summer camp, the oldest free summer day camp in the United States!

The coincidence was a startling, but pretty wonderful surprise, considering the timing of this discovery, only about two weeks after Camp Courant became a Kars4Kids small grant recipient. Ari, in telling the rest of the office about his grandfather’s early crowdfunding effort, commented, “Seems like we just continued his great work from 85 years ago!!”



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