Honda Develops Mask that May Keep Cars Coronavirus Free

Honda N Box
A car mask? It's called the Kurumaku, it kills pathogens, and it's made by Honda. (And here you thought masks were only for faces.)

A car mask that fights viruses and bacteria, almost certainly including COVID-19, has been developed by Japanese automaker Honda. The mask, called “Kurumaku,” is meant to be fitted over the air filter of the Honda N-Box, but will soon be adapted for other models, as well. The extra layer of protection afforded by the Kurumaku, is said to remove 99.8% of viruses and bacteria from the interior of a car within 15 minutes.

While the press statement from Honda announcing this new innovation does not explicitly mention the COVID-19 virus, it is assumed the Kurumaku mask will also kill the virus responsible for the pandemic. In fact, it is most likely fears of legal liability that kept Honda from making any claims about the mask’s ability to keep drivers and passengers safe from coronavirus.

The Kurumaku, when fitted to the top of an air filter, catches and damages floating virus droplets. Droplets are propelled toward the device when the air circulation is on inside the car. It takes the mask some 15 minutes to clear the air of pathogens. The only caveat is that the mask must be replace each year, or every 15,000 kilometers.

The Kurumaku is a good thing that will no doubt keep us safer. It does seem logical that if masks on our faces help prevent the spread of the virus, a mask for your car might do the same.

And here you thought masks were only for people.



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