Distractions While Driving – Is Siri Helping or Hindering?

Siri/Driving Distraction

Some Thoughts on Modern Technology in New Model Cars

Siri/Driving Distraction
Is Siri a Driving Distraction for you? What about other mobile functions -hands free?

Modern technology as we know has its pros and cons. We live in an amazing world full of technological innovation. One thing particularly sticks out in my mind and in the minds of many others as well.

The telephone – What initially started as a great invention simply be able to talk with someone many miles away and hear their voice clearly, has evolved into a myriad of business opportunities, convenience at our finger tips, and an ability to resolve issues at a much faster and efficient pace.

I personally am a great fan and advocate for the use of today’s technology. On the road however, is a different story. In many cities around the country, laws have been enacted and enforced to minimize distraction while driving. Even a lapse attention to the road of a few seconds can result in a major catastrophe involving injuries, loss of life and tremendous financial losses. Texting while driving and holding a phone in your hand are two of the big no no’s while driving.

As technology is advancing at a rapid pace, distractions during driving are not merely limited to talking on a handheld device or texting. Driver Assistance Technologies, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist, smart devices, GPS, voice activated calls and other systems that are voice activated can present other danger issues as well.

When people try having a phone conversation on a hands-free device or try to give their GPS or other new gadget voice command instructions, frequently the connection isn’t great. The sounds can be unclear and the conversations can take on a new level of concentration. Other automated systems which are meant to make road travel easier actually can become more of a danger and distraction.

Many automakers are both excited to jump on the technology bandwagon, providing their consumers with more incentives to purchase their wares. Each car manufacturer has their own style in optimizing your ride. These same car companies are also ambivalent as to how this will all pan out. If someone decides to sue because technology caused an accident or the sort, the car makers will be the ones to assume responsibility, not the initial creators of the various gadgets.

Both cars and their technology are great. We have so many more options now. So many new things we can do and accomplish in a more systematized and easy way. Don’t give up on safety though. You, your family, and all the other people out there on or near the road deserve your appropriate attention even more than your new gadget.

So all of this new technology in our spanking brand new cars – is it worth it? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Enjoy the ride and be safe!



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