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Frosted over car window with writing "Cold Start"

Warming Up Your Car? Bad Idea

The polar vortex may have you running out here and there to start your car to keep it from freezing over. But don’t do that. (Seriously, don’t do that.) Here’s what to do instead.

Donating Your Antique Car

Have an antique car that you no longer want? Kars4Kids will treat it with the care and dignity it deserves.

Spring Fever at Kars4Kids!

Here at Kars4Kids, we are excited to finally say goodbye to scraping ice off our windshields and say hello to driving with the windows down

kars for kids real estate

First Car Donations, Now Real Estate

Kars for Kids has become synonymous with car donations. Donating a parcel of land is less known especially in association with Kars for Kids. This is a new way of donating to charity & here is a way to understand the donation process.

hurricane sandy flooding 001

New Hope for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm which affected hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Millions of dollars of personal assets and property were lost affecting low income families. Thankfully, FEMA decided to re-open the claims and distribute funds to those who desperately still need them even over two years later.

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