When a Donation Comes Full Circle

Not often does a donor get to see exactly where their donated vehicle goes, or how the proceeds from their vehicle help our kids. Yes, we share news and updates, but usually the donors don’t get the chance to meet the kids they help face to face. One lucky donor was able to do just that during a chance meeting with a lively group of campers, making their shared trip to Niagara Falls unforgettable.

Our TeenZone division of TheZone, our summer camp in upstate New York, recently went on an unbelievably exciting trip to Niagara Falls. Touring the falls, feeling the strong gusts of mist while taking a boat ride right up to the falls along with many other exciting aspects all made the trip one to remember.

However, when one donor, who happened to be visiting Niagara Falls at the same time, spotted some of our campers wearing the distinct Kars4Kids T-shirts, he could hardly contain his excitement. Gaining the chance to meet the children and hang out with them for a moment brought his donation full circle. Now, he was able to see exactly what Kars4Kids is all about.

All the campers, who were more than happy to meet the generous donor, were excited (to say the least) to meet someone who contributed to their fun and wholesome summer experience.

Check out this video to get a glimpse into the amazing moment, in the beautiful backdrop of Niagara Falls!




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