The Childcare Solution for Working Parents

With today’s still-tough economy, more and more working parents are looking for easy, low cost childcare options. Many don’t have the luxury of switching to part time work or becoming full time stay at home parents, leaving them stuck in terms of suitable childcare. The extra travel time to a daycare, in addition to the high daycare costs draining the weekly paycheck far outweigh any benefits of working full time while paying for childcare. Kars4Kids’ on-site daycare has created an affordable and feasible option that has revolutionized childcare for working parents.

Located right next door to the Kars4Kids headquarters, employees take advantage of this convenient childcare solution, no longer having to make the tough decision between becoming a stay at home parent or full time employee. Available at a significantly lower cost than any other daycare option, Kars4Kids has created a huge incentive that is an important deciding factor for potential employees.

Some important benefits for our onsite daycare include:

·         The convenient location makes it easy for drop off and pick up allowing employees to get to work and leave on time.

·         The location is ideal for new moms, allowing them to be able to walk next door to nurse their child, in addition to having the opportunity to check in on them during the day. This is great for integrating a child into new surroundings, as well as being readily available for any of the child’s needs.

·         The daycare creates a low cost option, making the decision to return to work full time an easy one, knowing only a fraction of a paycheck will go toward childcare.

·         The onsite daycare improves employee productivity and retention. Knowing their children are right next door allows for a decrease in stress and an increase in well-being. Employees have the peace of mind knowing their children are a minute walk away and are well cared for, creating a happy and productive work environment, in addition to creating an incentive for employees to stay at Kars4Kids.

·         Availability, affordability, and quality are all chief factors relating to daycare for every working parent. Parents oftentimes have great difficulty in finding childcare which provides all three. Kars4Kids, whose main concern is employee satisfaction and retention, has created a space that not only provides an answer for all three of these concerns, but one that is of the highest quality with caring and dedicated daycare employees who are passionate about early childhood education.

Kars4Kids is one of the few organizations who employ such a childcare option for employees. With the clear benefits to employees and Kars4Kids itself, an onsite daycare is a new, practical and highly beneficial option that every organization should consider.

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