Rio is alive with the sounds of cheering, the crowds yelling. It’s also alive with the crushing disappointment of the thousands who aren’t winners. Because at the Olympics, it doesn’t matter how fast or how agile you are. Only one thing matters: if you’re a winner.


Well, let me take you on a journey up the New York State Thruway, and through the back-roads and rolling hills of the Catskill mountains, to a very different location. With one campus in the town of Gilboa and another a short drive away in Stamford, the Kars4Kids-sponsored summer camp, TheZone, provides girls and boys with a chance to shine.

With activities ranging from swimming and fishing to basketball and horseback riding, sports at TheZone is a large and important part of the day’s schedule. While there is an element of competition and winners matter, at the Kars4Kids summer camp, the most important part of the game is the effort put in.

In The Zone, we especially focus on bringing all the children together, so that even a child who may not have his or her talents appreciated during the school year finds themselves valued during camp. The words of our campers speak volumes: “In TheZone, no one’s left out, we’re one whole team, everyone really wants everyone to succeed and do well.” This spirit of unity and helpfulness is life-changing for the children, giving them the skills and courage to navigate their future lives as adults.


But it’s the one-on-one mentorships cultivated at TheZone that really set the camp apart. Every staff member in camp doubles as a mentor for a handpicked camper. Every day’s schedule includes dedicated “mentor time” to give these relationships a chance to cement over the month together. Whether bonding over a book, a game or just a chat, mentor-mentee pairs dot the campus, savoring their time together.

With world-class scenery, landscape, amenities, and programs, TheZone ensures that the kids return for the school year reinvigorated, and ready to conquer the world (or their challenges). To quote one of our campers: “When I go home, I’m gonna thank my parents big, real big, because they sent me to the best camp ever – TheZone.”

“This camp is just beautiful. And you’ll enjoy it here – trust me”



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