Meet the Kars4Kids Staff – Meet Nellie

Hi Nellie! Can you please describe what you do here at Kars4Kids?

Hi! I work in customer service here in Kars4Kids. I answer calls from prospective donors. My job is to help them decide if giving to our charity is right for them. I tell them what our charity is about, and how it helps our kids. I also explain what our donors can get for donating, like the tax receipt and the vacation voucher.

What qualities do you bring to Kars4Kids? How are you unique?

I would say that I’m pretty personable! I like to make the process a nice experience for our donors. I try to make a personal connection with the donor and often, donors will call back and ask for me because they’ve enjoyed my customer service. A number of times, donors actually decided to donate another car while they were on the phone with me.

What is the most fun thing about working for Kars4Kids?

Actually, one of the most fun things about working here is the fact that I can tell people about how large the operation is, and that we pick up from over the country. People are always surprised to hear that! I also encounter a lot of interesting stories working here.

I also love the working environment here. Everyone is really friendly and warm.

What type of interesting stories did you hear?

Well there was the time someone called from Mexico to donate a Rolls-Royce that had bullet holes in it. We’re still not entirely sure what the real story was!

I also had a horrible story where someone donated a car that someone was murdered in…

Wow! What do you feel you gain by working here and why?

I’m getting great experience in customer service and dealing with people. I’m learning to have a positive attitude when I deal with people who are sometimes not in the greatest of moods. Maintaining a friendly, positive tone really does help in these situations!

What do you love doing most?

I enjoy working with children. Before I came here I worked in a special needs school.

I also like going hiking and camping, sports, and other types of physical activity.

What are you most interested in? What do you enjoy learning about?

I enjoy learning about all sorts of subjects. But, I really like math and science, especially geology.

Thank you so much, Nellie!



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  1. Your job sounds very exciting! I would love to know where how that car got bullet holes in it. It sounds more like someone wanted to get the car off their hands than give charity! Do you have guidelines for what condition the car should be in in order to donate it?

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