Kids Helping Kars4Kids!

We at Kars4Kids were quite surprised when we received a check in the mail from the 5th grade class at SAR Academy, in Riverdale, NY, for the sum of $900! Together with the check, they sent us a letter explaining the generous gift:

“Dear Kars For Kids,SAR Academy letter

The 5th graders and student leaders at SAR Academy chose your organization to donate money [to]. Your organization was chosen because of the difference you make in our community. In addition, some of our fellow students have been helped by you and other students have been inspired by the amazing work you do. It is powerful for kids to raise money to help other kids and their families. We hope this money helps your organization grow.”

It turns out, the $900 was raised exclusively through collecting pennies. Penny by penny by penny – 90,000 times!

We spoke with the class on Skype and told them about our programs. Our camp administrator, Abraham Krawiec, then addressed the students and spoke about how they should always strive to be on the giving side rather than the receiving side.

Thank you SAR Academy students, and thanks to everyone that gave their pennies!



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