Kars4Kids Trolls @WfanAudio – Fun ensues

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It all started with this tweet from a twitter account holder that is a master student of the legendary sportscaster Mike Francesa:

That started a slew of Tweets:


After some of his followers had some fun with it for a while, it was time for Kars4Kids  to answer the curious listener of our jingle with some fun of our own:

That kept the party going through the night as we proudly earned “Mongo” status:

https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/426125497437679616 https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/426132131606433792 https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/426136964963008512

and going and going…

https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/426132067236073472 https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/426133701094035456

Thank you @WFANAudio for the good laughs!

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Kars For Kids funds educational, developmental, and recreational programs for Jewish youth and their families. Our goal is to foster a generation of well-balanced, productive adults. Our means to accomplish this goal is to provide children and their families with a strong network of personal guidance and educational resources, individualized to their needs.

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