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Sing their Famous Jingle and Win Cash for School Supplies

August 25, 2009 – Kars4Kids, the enormously popular national car donation program known for its persistent “1-8-7-7-Kars-for-Kids” jingle, is offering students a chance at some fast cash to pay for their school supplies. As an extension of its on-going “Perform Our Jingle” Contest, the New Jersey-based charity invites student to participate with an extra cash-for-students incentive. The Back-to-School phase of the contest, which takes place at the Kars4kids website as well as its YouTube channel, was launched this morning with a new video–the second of three in a series–from famed rock-and-roll songwriter and Warner Brothers’ recording artist Peppi Marchello and his band The Good Rats.

“The Kars4Kids Jingle Contest allows anyone to perform, recreate or otherwise spoof our well-known jingle,” said Clifford Meth, VP of Communications. “Our jingle gets inside people’s heads and sometimes they can’t get it out so we’re giving people a chance to do it their way.” In addition to the Good Rats, the popular 1970s rock band that was recently inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, other “guest” appearances at the contest include performing artists Septimus Orion and the thrash-metal band Social Decay. Social Decay features Marvel Comics artist Dave Gutierrez, whose credits include Daredevil.

Kars4kids is giving away prizes from Fender Stratocasters to gaming and home theatre systems. For the Back-to-School phase of the contest, an additional $100.00 gift certificate will be available to a selected student who enters the contest before September 15.

“This contest isn’t just for musicians or people good with a video camera,” notes Meth. “Anyone with a little creativity will have a chance of winning.”

Kars4Kids is a national charity operating in 49 states. For more information on the contest, visit http://www.kars4kids.org/contest

For more information, call: 732-730-8595, ext. 108

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Kars For Kids funds educational, developmental, and recreational programs for Jewish youth and their families. Our goal is to foster a generation of well-balanced, productive adults. Our means to accomplish this goal is to provide children and their families with a strong network of personal guidance and educational resources, individualized to their needs.

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