Kars4Kids Internship Program

Internship imagePreparing people for successful lives is one of Kars4Kids’ main goals. With that in mind, Kars4Kids started a new internship program this summer. Participants in our program work right alongside seasoned professionals, gaining real work experience in their respective fields

Our interns are experiencing a winning combination of working, learning, and fun. They’re discovering the Kars4Kids’ culture of teamwork and creative collaboration – and our great lunches!

We have nine interns with us, and they’re working in a very wide range of fields. Kars4Kids is providing internships in accounting, computer programming, SEO, marketing, building management and finance.

Josh in marketing is giving his interns a wide-ranging introduction to many areas of marketing – meeting with the legal department, brainstorming on marketing campaigns, working on a new website, among other projects.

David, our CFO, is introducing accounting interns to the unique accounting issues of non-profits. They’re becoming familiar with Form 990 (the federal tax return for charities), and looking at profit and loss statements of different programs here at Kars4Kids.

In the SEO department, Morris, one of our SEO’s, is working with an intern to find top “influencers” on social media to link to our sites. He’s also boosting views of Facebook posts by strategic posting of images, and will work on getting a marketing campaign to go viral.

In the finance department, Eli is introducing “his” intern to the world of real estate investments, and will speak to all the interns as a group next week.

One marketing intern remarked, “We’re learning so fast and so much, we’ll probably only realize afterward how much we really learned.”



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