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  • The San Francisco Chronicle: By Peter Hartlaub – The new Kars For Kids radio ad: Out of the frying pan…
  • Joe donated to Kars4Kids in the past and writes about our newly remixed song.
  • All Access Music Group – The web’s largest radio and music industry community writes: You’re Gonna Sing This All Day … 1-877-Kars4Kids.
  • The New York Post: Michael Starr casts his vote for the new Kars4Kids song.
  • WABC Radio: Writes about our jingle contest and asks “Does this Kars for Kids jingle sometimes get stuck in your head?”
  • WCBS: Writes about the Kars 4 Kids coat giveaway in Newark NJ with Mayor Cory Booker.
  • Daily Finance: With the support of Mayor Cory Booker Kars4Kids embarks on their second coat giveaway.
  • Daily NewsKars4Kids to auction SUV that Connor and Brandon Moore were riding in to raise money for coats for the needy. PDF FROM KARS4KIDS
  • The Oakland Press: Kars4kids helps mom with a car – When kars4kids found out that Melissa Berman had her car stolen from her, we just knew we had to step in.
  • WMBC-TVKars for kids helps people by distributing coats in Newark, NJ
  • TMZ: Don Imus, Radio talk show host of Imus in the Morning rips kars4kids and creates controversy. PDF FROM KARS 4 KIDS
  • NJ.comKars4Kids distributes free coats to Newark’s needy.
  • South Orange PatchKars4Kids Literacy Program Donates Talmud to Seton Hall. PDF FROM KARS4KIDS
  • The Non Profit TimesKars4Kids sees an increase in donations after Hurricane Sandy.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle: Kids can’t get enough of the kars4kids jingle.
  • Fox 4kars for kids: top 5 tax mistakes to avoid.
  • ReutersKars for kids offers insight to the benefits of car donations.
  • Goddard Riverside Community Centerkars for kids donates over a thousand coats to the needy.
  • San Francisco Chroniclekars4kids releases car recycling statistics in San Francisco
  • Billboard: A brief history of the Kars4Kids jingle.



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  1. We are wondering just exactly which children are benifiting from this organization? Does every state get funding from the organization? It seems awfully general.

  2. I donated a car and believe it was the beginning of this year. You guys said that you would send me out a vulture bird 2 or 3 night hotel stay and I have never received it could you please send me another one out thank you sincerely Joleen

  3. Jewish school groups are the beneficiaries of my auto donation?that’s not what the ads indicate……where else do these funds go?

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