Kars4Kids and Mayor Cory Booker coat giveaway

Kars4Kids car donation program and Mayor Cory Booker’s coat giveaway for the needy in Newark drew a huge crowd today at the JFK recreation center. Thousands are estimated to have participated, with lines stretching down the block and around the corner, with more than enough coats to go around.

“The crowd was great today”, a Kars4Kids spokesman said, “no pushing or shoving, it was very orderly, and there was a real sense of holiday cheer in the air.”

Kars4Kids partnered with Mayor Cory Booker for the giveaway, and the Mayor was there giving out coats and spreading around his trademark smile.

Kars4Kids originally planned to host the event at the venue where last year’s event was held, but a scheduling conflict left Kars4Kids without a location to host the event. That’s when Kars4Kids reached out to Mayor Booker on Twitter, where the Mayor is famous for replying personally from his @corybooker Twitter handle. He immediately put Kars4Kids in touch with his chief of staff who helped arrange for the giveaway to be held at the JFK recreation center. “It’s a story of the success of Twitter,” said the Mayor, who also spoke about how excited he was to partner with Kars4Kids in these difficult financial times, and expressed his appreciation for the work Kars4Kids is doing for people in these difficult times.

Kars4Kids and Mayor Booker’s office are already thinking ahead for coat giveaway 2012, when Kars4Kids hope there are less people who need, and more who have the ability to give.

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Your car donation helps support kids!



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  1. Having worked with at-risk adults in both Trenton and Newark for about five years, it was both pleasantly surprising and gratifying to read about donations making a difference in a similar urban setting. Kars-for-Kids is doing great work and I’m proud to have been able to participate in some small way!

  2. I have donated 2 cars over the years to Kars4kids…and I plan to donate 1 more this year. It is good to finally see where the car donations are benefit ing Newarks kids. Great job Mayor Booker!

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