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gift cardWhile everyone is well aware of kars4kids car donation program not everyone is quite so familiar with kards4kids the card donation program. That’s right that extra “D” is a whole new program where anyone who has a gift card can donate it to charity, even if there is a very small balance on the card.

There are thousands of dollars in gift cards and prepaid credit cards that are sitting unused in people’s drawers and wallets and in many instances thrown out. Many times there are only a few dollars left on these cards and people just don’t know what to do with them other times these cards just end up being thrown out because who remembers to take their gift card with them before they go shopping? Kars4kids came up with this program to help thousands of people donate money to charity without even parting with money – all the while benefiting from a tax deduction for the face value of the card!

We have gotten a very positive feedback from our donors and we are very excited about this program. To donate your gift card to kars4kids go to and you’ll be on your way to helping a child. To find out more about kars4kids’ innovative programs and exiting events, circle us on Google+ or friend us on Facebook.



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